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  • Investing in Small Business: Small businesses are the backbone of Maryland’s economy; with 99.5% of Maryland’s businesses being small businesses and employing over 1.2 million Marylanders – almost half of the state’s employees. While the pandemic devastated small businesses in our community, Joe will work with small business owners to get them the resources they need to recover and build back stronger than before. 


  • Key Industry Cultivation: The Bio-Tech Corridor has been one of our district's greatest economic assets, drawing in new businesses that advance key research while stoking our local economy. This tried and tested model is one we should learn from and replicate for the emerging climate tech industry. Incentivizing local innovation in this sector will create jobs, bring in new revenue, and help Maryland lead the way in fighting the impacts of climate change in our state and around the world.


  • Strengthening Workers Rights: Unions and collective bargaining are critical for our economy, democracy, and the wellbeing of workers. Joe will work in partnership with Maryland unions and workers to defend collective bargaining rights and make it easier—not harder—to unionize and join a union. 


  • Tax Reform: Reform of the tax system is a key lever to bringing about a more equitable society. We need to redistribute wealth in our state to promote justice and provide services that uplift all Marylanders. As working families in our state struggled to get by during the pandemic, Maryland’s billionaires grew their wealth exponentially. We need a tax system that benefits working families over corporations and the wealthiest in our state. If we tax fairly, and use our revenue responsibly, we can make Maryland a better place for everyone to live. 


  • Gender Equity in the Workplace: Promoting gender equality in the workplace and our broader communities is a cause as nuanced as it is critical, making an approach that recognizes intersectionality essential to effective policy-making. 


  • Affordability: The cost of living in Maryland continues to rise, and it is critical that our General Assembly provides the support required for all Marylanders to benefit from the economic growth seen in recent years. 


  • Education and Certification: Higher education is an important stepping stone to success in our economy, but it does not have to come in the form of a traditional four year degree. Joe is a supporter of offering free two-year community college in Maryland, and would advocate for the offering of more technical certifications in programming, and web design to ensure students graduate with the skills and certifications needed to find good paying jobs in tomorrow’s economy.

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