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Growing up in a generation devastated by gun violence, Joe is ready to fight like hell to pass the bold changes necessary to have nothing short of the strongest gun laws in the United States.


700 Marylanders lose their lives every year to the gun violence epidemic, and thousands more are injured. In their memory and in the honor of gun violence survivors, we will fully deliver on the change our state needs.

Our generation is often called the school shooting generation. Joe remembers feeling helpless as a kid, watching these tragic incidents happen again and again while those in power too often refused to act. As Delegate, he is ready to fight like hell alongside gun safety advocates for Maryland to have nothing short of the strongest gun laws in the United States.

  • Support common-sense legislation to ban ghost guns as supported by Attorney General Brian Frosh and sponsored Delegate Lesley Lopez and Senator Susan Lee. The January 2022 shooting at Magruder High School involved one such weapon, emphasizing the need to ban these guns. Ten states as well as D.C. have already taken action to ban or control weapons without serial numbers — it’s time for Maryland to do the same.


  • Increase funding for evidence-based gun violence prevention programs by raising fees on guns and ammunition. Research shows that these programs are successful at curbing gun violence in communities, and it’s critical they are properly incorporated into Maryland’s public safety strategy.


  • Support the passage of ​​Jaelynn’s Law to strengthen safe storage restrictions and penalties and advocate for local school districts to run public awareness campaigns within school communities on how to safely store weapons at home. Tighter regulations on gun storage can help keep guns out of the hands of minors, reducing the risk of school shootings, accidental shootings, and firearm suicide.

  • Support efforts to require liability insurance for gun owners; with lower premiums for gun owners who take common sense safety precautions.


  • Work with the Attorney General to extend liability to gun manufacturers while we wait for Congress to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act which currently shields the gun industry from accountability. New York became the first state in the country to pass a law that allows the gun industry to be held liable in civil suits under public nuisance laws in 2021; Maryland should be next.


  • Propose legislation to require new handguns sold in the state include advanced microstamping technology, and fully fund the technology and staffing needs required for effective gun tracing programs. Such technology when effectively implemented enabless law enforcement to accurately identify and prosecute shooters.


  • Firmly oppose efforts to repeal the Firearm Safety Act of 2013, efforts to repeal Maryland’s ban on assault weapons, and efforts to weaken restrictions on concealed/open carry.


  • Address the holistic needs of individuals and communities. Invest in school social workers, mental health support systems, and restorative justice practices to resolve conflicts and crises before violence occurs.


Now more than ever we need to fight for big and bold policy solutions to Maryland’s gun violence crisis. I will go to Annapolis with the courage and conviction to stand up to the NRA, the gun industry, and anyone else who chooses to stand in the way of keeping Marylanders safe. Enough is enough.

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