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My family immigrated to the United States when I was three-years-old. I believe every immigrant in our state deserves the same opportunities this community gave me. As Delegate, I will fight to make sure every immigrant in our state is treated with dignity and has access to a good education and real economic mobility. Maryland should lead the way in expanding rights and protections for our immigrant communities. It’s why I support right to counsel legislation, expanding access to healthcare for undocumented immigrants, putting an end to partnerships that enable ICE to terorrize immigrant communities, and helping immigrant families start and grow their own businesses.


Mi familia emigró a los Estados Unidos cuando yo tenía tres años. Creo que cada inmigrante en nuestro estado merece las mismas oportunidades que me dio a mí esta comunidad. Como Delegado, lucharé para asegurar que cada inmigrante en nuestro estado sea tratado con dignidad y tenga acceso a una buena educación y movilidad económica. Maryland debería ser un lider en la expansión de los derechos y protecciones para comunidades de inmigrantes. Es por eso que apoyo la legislación sobre el derecho a un abogado en casos de inmigracion, apoyo ampliar el acceso a la atención médica para los inmigrantes indocumentados, apoyo terminar las asociaciones en nuestro estado que ayudan a ICE a aterrorizar a las comunidades inmigrantes, y apoyo iniciativas que ayudan a que inmigrantes puedan iniciar y hacer crecer sus propios negocios.


As Delegate, I will:

  • Support Right to Counsel: Due process and right to counsel are constitutional rights. 400 Marylanders are forced to fight permanent separation every year, and 7 out of 10 Marylanders are unable to access counsel in immigration proceedings. Marylanders who are facing detention or deportation must have guaranteed access to strong legal counsel to defend their cases. I support passage of HB114 to provide Marylanders who are facing deportation access to a lawyer in immigration court.


  • Support the The Maryland Trust Act: Restore trust between immigrant communities and Maryland’s law enforcement by ending partnerships between our state and local law enforcement agencies and ICE. End official police partnerships by outlawing 287g programs, keep ICE out of schools and hospitals, and stop law enforcement from asking about immigration status on behalf of ICE. The Trust Act would allow immigrant families to live with less fear in our communities, and safely engage with local law enforcement when necessary


  • Support Expanded Access to Healthcare for Undocumented Marylanders: Support the Access to Care Act to expand health care coverage to include the estimated 275,000 Maryland residents who are currently ineligible for public health insurance due to their immigration status.


  • Help Immigrant Owned Small-Businesses Grow: Gaithersburg and Rockville are home to many immigrant-owned small businesses. Joe will support investing in incubators to help create and grow small businesses like these.


  • Work to Build An Inclusive Economy: Joe will work with local partners to revitalize our local economy, and create an inclusive economy with good paying jobs for all Marylanders. Joe believes we need to expand job training opportunities and create pipelines to prosperous careers for immigrants. Joe believes we need to have strong protections for Maryland workers, especially immigrant workers who are vulnerable to employer discriminiation and abuse.


  • Stand With Working Families: Immigrant workers are often denied the right to work with dignity, and are vulnerable to exploitation or abuse at work. Joe is a strong supporter of unions, and will support the rights of immigrants and all Marylanders to join a union, organize, and bargain collectively.

  • Fight for Relief for Immigrant Families: Joe believes that all Marylanders, regardless of immigration status, should be included in government relief programs. As we work to address the high cost of living and help families recover from COVID-19, Joe believes we can not exclude immigrants from these critical efforts.


  • Support Efforts to Build a More Equitable Education System: Joe believes every child in Maryland deserves to go to a high quality school where they can learn, thrive, and feel prepared for further education or a 21st century career. Joe supports fully funding and quickly implementing the policies under the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future to improve the quality of education for all Maryland students — and address the inequities which continue to hold back many Black and Brown students. Joe will make sure programs like the Career Readiness Education Academy, that predominantly serve immigrant populations are invested in.


  • Support Efforts to Address The High Cost of Living: Access to safe and healthy housing is a human right. For too many in our district, the cost of housing is increasingly impossible to afford. Joe will work to address the rising cost of living, especially as it relates to housing, health care, and child care.

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