Combatting the Climate Crisis

Joe believes the best climate policies are those driven by science, with an eye towards equity and justice, and an unwavering commitment to what is in the best interest of Marylanders and our environment.

By 2040 scientists the number of extreme weather incidents in Maryland is expected to nearly double. Human-caused climate change made the record-breaking rainfall during Hurricane Harvey three times more likely and 15% more intense. Worsening conditions now leave 110,000 Marylanders vulnerable to extreme heat, a trend already leading to measurable increases in hospitalizations in at-risk populations. The Center for Climate Integrity estimates that just the immediate responses to climate-caused coastal damage in Maryland between now and 2040 will be $27.4 billion, a figure that does not include infrastructure, public health, and other damage across the rest of the state. Climate change is real, and the problem is here.


The good news is we know what is driving this crisis: fossil fuels. The transportation sector accounts for 40% of Maryland’s emissions, with energy production accounting for another 26%. With bold electrification and decarbonization policies, a resolve to address environmental injustice, and investments in adaptation we can prevent the most catastrophic effects of the climate emergency.

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Building an Economy of the Future

Joe will fight to help our small businesses recover, and build an inclusive 21st-century economy with good-paying jobs that attract and retain a younger workforce.

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Making our Schools #1 in the Country

Joe will fight to get our fair share of education funding from Annapolis, establish universal pre-K, and address the systemic inequities in our schools.

Defending Reproductive Rights

Joe has always believed that people, not the government, have the right to make decisions about their reproductive health and will continue to fight to protect reproductive rights for all.

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Ending Gun Violence

Growing up in a generation devastated by gun violence, Joe is ready to fight like hell to pass the bold changes necessary for us to have nothing short of the strongest gun laws in the United States.


700 Marylanders lose their lives every year to the gun violence epidemic, and thousands more are injured. In their memory, and in the honor of gun violence survivors, we will fully deliver on the change our state needs.


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Luchando por la Comunidad Inmigrante:
Fighting for the Immigrant Community

My family immigrated to the United States when I was three-years-old. I believe every immigrant in our state deserves the same opportunities this community gave me.

Mi familia emigró a los Estados Unidos cuando yo tenía tres años. Creo que cada inmigrante en nuestro estado merece las mismas oportunidades que me dio a mí esta comunidad.

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