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As an openly gay candidate, Joe will work every single day to determine gaps and areas where law fails to sufficiently protect our community. Despite the passage of critical pro-equality legislation, the Movement Advancement Project still ranks Maryland 17th in the country for LGBTQ+ equality. We have more work to do! Joe will work to ensure every transgender Marylander has access to affirming health care, that every LGBTQ+ student is treated with dignity, and that LGBTQ+ Marylanders in the criminal justice system are protected from harm.

  • Commission on LGBTQ Affairs: Empower the Commission on LGBTQ Affairs to conduct a holistic assessment of discriminatory practices impacting the LGBTQ+ community. Amplify the commission's policy recommendations outlined in their reports and collaborate with commissioners to introduce effective pro-LGBTQ+ legislation.​

  • Standing Up for Transgender Marylanders: Pass the Trans Health Equity Act to ensure every transgender Marylander, regardless of income, has access to lifesaving gender-affirming health care. 


  • Inclusive Schools: Fully implement and enforce the Inclusive Schools Act so every LGBTQ+ student feels affirmed and respected at school, and to ensure schools have the resources to support the wellbeing of LGBTQ+ students.

  • Standing Up for LGBTQ+ Youth: Stand up against homophobic/transphobic attacks on LGBTQ+ youth and stand firm against efforts to introduce “Don’t Say Gay” style legislation in Maryland.


  • Inclusive Curriculum: Advocate for LGBTQ+ inclusive education in schools. 

  • Access to Health Care: Protect LGBTQ+ people from being unfairly denied health insurance coverage on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Joe believes that access to healthcare is a human right, and Joe will fight to ensure no private insurance provider can deny a Marylander that right.

  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms: Require gender neutral bathrooms in places of public accommodation and state-owned buildings. 

  • Ending Criminalization of HIV/AIDS-Related Activities: End criminalization of HIV/STD related activities. HIV criminalization laws are a relic of the AIDS scare, and today needlessly put people behind bars for what can only be properly assessed as a health issue. Such laws not only disproportionately target members of the LGBTQ+ community, they aggravate the issue of mass incarceration endemic to our state.

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