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These Gen Z delegates are ready to speak for the Maryland youth

Delegate Vogel, 25, lives in Montgomery County. His district includes Rockville and Gaithersburg. Both say they are eager to get to work after taking the oath of office Wednesday. "We're the first two Gen Z representatives elected in the state of Maryland," Vogel said. Both young Democrats say they are behind the Speaker's agenda and they also have policy priorities of their own. "Mental health. Especially mental health in schools. We have a crisis right now," said Vogel. “We’re going to make sure schools are getting the resources they need in order to address the shortage of mental health providers here in our state." He also said he wants to see the state take action on abortion rights, gun violence and climate change. In the town that spends the taxpayers' money, both delegates know that talk is cheap in Annapolis and acknowledge now is the time to roll up their sleeves. "To be honest with you, I'm ready to get past the pomp and circumstance and get to work," Vogel said. “In a contrast with what we’re seeing in Washington, DC, which is marked by disfunction and division, here in Maryland we’re going to be defined by our capacity to deliver for the families of our state. To get things done. We function in a very bipartisan way. We bring people together. We form consensus to get things done and that’s exactly what we’re going to do this session.” Adam Longo, WUSA


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