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25-year-old elected as Maryland state delegate

25-year-old Democrat Joe Vogel was elected Tuesday as one of the first Gen Z Delegates in Maryland. Delegate-Elect Vogel will represent District 17 in Montgomery County which encompasses Rockville and Gaithersburg. As an immigrant and openly gay Candidate, he says his commitment to fight for our democracy comes from his upbringing. “My great-grandparents were refugees from the Holocaust,” said Delegate-Elect Vogel. “They fled eastern Europe and sought refuge in Uruguay. My grandparents didn’t have opportunities like this.” Vogel says his key to becoming one of the state’s first Gen Z legislators was building a multi-generational grassroots movement driven by young people. According to NPR gen z voters turned out the midterm election in record numbers. “I was confident that young people were going to turn out and we were going to win big here in Maryland,” said Vogel. “And I think we outperformed expectations around the country.” Cheyenne Corin, DC News Now


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