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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Vogel for Congress Campaign Begins 6 Day Van Tour

GAITHERSBURG, MD - This morning, the Vogel for Congress campaign kicked off a six day van tour spanning all five counties here in Maryland’s 6th District. Delegate Vogel will be meeting with community leaders, elected officials, and voters, outlining his vision and listening to communities leading up to the Democratic Primary on May 14th. 

“I’m thrilled to be kicking off this bus tour and traveling across this community that I call home as we enter the final stretch of the campaign” said Del. Vogel. “From Oakland to Gaithersburg, I’ve made it my mission to meet voters where they are, to learn and understand the diverse issues that span this district. This bus tour is a culmination of the grassroots campaign we’ve built, and it’s a critical piece of the momentum that will help us win this primary on May 14th. Voters across Western Maryland are hungry for a new generation of leadership and are showing up to support this historic campaign.”



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