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Gen Z candidates running have collectively raised over $734,000 for 2022 state races

Vogel, who is similarly pushing for progressive causes in Maryland’s 17th District, raised over $121,000. Most of his donors are individuals, including Rep. David Trone (D-Md.) who personally donated $3,000. Trone is not the only Maryland politician to support Vogel’s campaign with state Sen. Cheryl Kagan (D-Md.)’s campaign committee contributing $1,100. Several Maryland companies and Laborers’ International Union of North America have also contributed to Vogel’s campaign. Emmanuel Ching, Vogel’s campaign manager, told OpenSecrets in an emailed statement that most of the campaign’s money comes from small donations. OpenSecrets found that 55% of Vogel’s contributions are under $25 and 77% are under $50. Ching said the campaign doesn’t take money from corporations, PACs or Maryland lobbyists. “Joe is poised to be the youngest sitting lawmaker in Maryland and will be one of only a few GenZ, Latino, immigrant, or openly-gay voices in the state legislature,” Ching said in the statement. “People know we need leaders like Joe, and we’ve seen that people are willing and eager to invest in campaigns like ours.” Vogel won a spot on November’s ballot after receiving about 28% of the vote in last Tuesday’s Democratic primary. Because the Maryland House of Delegates has multi-member districts, Vogel is running for an open seat in the District 17 delegation. Taylor Giorno and Jorja Siemons, Open Secrets


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