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Protecting teens from diet pills; new bill introduced in state legislature

The bill would ban people under 18 from purchasing these types of pills. It would require the Maryland Department of Health to create warnings about potential health risks, and allow the department to determine which pills are affected by the bill. Delegate Joe Vogel is leading the charge on this bill and says it goes far beyond restricting sales of diet supplements to teens. “This raises awareness about an industry that for so long has gone unchecked and really is putting profit ahead of the health and safety of people of all ages, but especially young people,” Vogel said. “I have such a hard time with the opposition to this bill because it really is a question of health and safety versus profit.” The bill is currently in the Economic Matters committee in the state legislature. If it passes through both the State House and Senate as well as receives an affirming signature by Governor Wes Moore, the bill could go into effect as early as October of this year. Katie Rhee, DC News Now

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