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Vogel Campaign Highlights April McClain Delaney's Anti-Choice Contributions in Light of Deceptive Campaign Ad

In response to April McClain Delaney's new television advertisement, Delegate Joe Vogel's campaign issued a statement reminding Maryland's 6th Congressional District voters of McClain Delaney's history of donating to an anti-choice politician, and her close relationship with Chief Justice John Roberts, who led the court that overturned Roe v. Wade.

“April McClain Delaney has stood by and supported anti-choice politicians responsible for stripping away a woman's right to choose and bodily autonomy. Saying that she'll fight to regain the right to choose stands in stark contrast to her record. Voters deserve to know the truth," said Oren Adam, Vogel Campaign Manager. 

Adam continued, “Meanwhile, Delegate Joe Vogel has a record of fighting for women's reproductive health care as a state legislator. We expect Democratic primary voters to see right through the Delaney campaign's misleading ad, and should know when out-of-touch millionaires aren't telling the truth."

April Delaney’s Donation History: 

Delaney made max out contributions to anti-choice politicians like Senator Jim DeMint, 

Delegate Joe Vogel has spent his time as a state legislator helping codify abortion rights in Maryland and directing funding to protect abortion clinics facing unprecedented attacks.


  • Co-sponsored HB0705, the Right To Reproductive Freedom Act which established the fundamental right of every Marylander to have reproductive freedom, enshrining abortion rights in the state.

  • Sponsored HB1091, the Protecting Reproductive Health Care Clinics Act, which established the Reproductive Health Care Clinic Security Grant Program, appropriating half a million dollars to assist abortion clinics in the state with security and safety costs as patients and providers are faced with increasing threats of violence.


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