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Updated April 14, 2024


Democratic primary voters in Frederick City, voters under 50, voters of color, college educated white women, and progressives need to see, read, and see on the go that there’s a real choice in this election:

Growing up in the school shooting generation inspired Joe Vogel to take action and get involved. As a Latino immigrant, a member of the LGBTQ community, and a community leader turned Maryland State Delegate, Joe is an unwavering champion for common sense gun reform, equity in our healthcare system, and protecting abortion rights, including his opposition to a national ban on abortion.

Delegate Joe Vogel has spent his time as a state legislator helping codify abortion rights in Maryland. This legislative session, Joe is advocating for security grant funding to protect our abortion clinics as they continue to face threats following the overturning of Roe v Wade.

  • Co-sponsored HB0705, the Right To Reproductive Freedom Act which established the fundamental right of every Marylander to have reproductive freedom, enshrining abortion rights in the state.

  • Sponsored HB1091, the Protecting Reproductive Health Care Clinics Act, which would establish the Reproductive Health Care Clinic Security Grant Program to assist abortion clinics in the state with security and safety costs as patients and providers are faced with increasing threats of violence.

Joe has been a champion for common sense gun laws and responsible gun ownership. In Congress, he will continue to fight for the stronger gun laws that will keep our kids and communities safe from violence.

That’s why unions and local leaders across all five counties are endorsing Joe Vogel for Congress. Some endorsements include:

Maryland State Education Association (MSEA)

Sierra Club

Amalgamated Transit Union

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Frederick County Council President Brad Young

Montgomery County School Board Member Grace Rivera-Oven

Cumberland City Council Member Laurie Marchini

Boonsboro Mayor Howard Long

Kitzmiller Mayor Robert Reckart

Check out to see the full list

April McClain-Delaney is running as a Democrat, but the circles she runs in tell a different story. She is a multi-millionaire who hosts lavish Christmas parties with extreme anti-abortion Republicans Paul Ryan and is friends with Tucker Carlson. Tone should be respectful and focused on the contrast.

April McClain-Delaney claims she supports abortion rights, but she calls John Roberts, the Chief Justice who led the Supreme Court that overturned Roe v. Wade and wrote the opinion allowing corporations to give unlimited money to political campaigns, a “good friend of ours.”

It’s important that voters know that April McClain Delaney is a Potomac multi-millionaire with a history of donating to an anti-choice politician, Senator Jim DeMint.

April Delaney’s Donation History:

Delaney made max out contributions to anti-choice politicians like Senator Jim DeMint,

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