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Defending Reproductive Freedom

The Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization was a devastating blow to women across the country and their ability to make their own health care decisions. In light of this, Congress must prioritize making sure everyone, no matter their zip code, has access to affordable, reliable, and safe reproductive health care.

In the Maryland State House, I proudly stood behind our state’s declaration of the Right to Reproductive Freedom and supported legislation to make Maryland a sanctuary state for those seeking reproductive care. When elected to Congress, I will fight to protect these rights nationwide for every American and get the government out of making decisions that should be left up to you and your family.

In Congress, I will:

  • COSPONSOR the Women’s Health Protection Act, establishing a right for healthcare professionals to provide abortion care and the right for their patients to receive care, free from bans and medically unnecessary restrictions that single out abortion care

  • COSPONSOR the Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Healthcare (EACH) Act, ending the discriminatory Hyde Amendment and lifting unjust abortion coverage restrictions for those who depend on Medicaid and other government-sponsored plans

  • COSPONSOR the Access to Birth Control Act, requiring pharmacies to provide customers any contraceptive or related medication that is in stock, without delay or exceptions on religious or conscience grounds

  • SUPPORT the Ensuring Access to Abortion Act, banning states from punishing those who travel out of state for reproductive health care

  • SUPPORT the Right to Contraception Act, prohibiting measures that prevent access to information related to contraception options

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