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Housing is foundational to helping all Marylanders thrive, and is the bedrock upon which health, nutrition, and economic opportunity are built. As Maryland’s next member of Congress, I am committed to ushering in historic investments in housing, bringing down costs for renters and buyers, while supporting the efforts of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to shape housing policies that create greater housing security for all Marylanders, no matter their economic situation or immigration status.

In Congress, I will:

  • COSPONSOR the American Housing and Economic Mobility Act, bringing down costs for renters and buyers, and leveling the playing field so working families everywhere can find a decent place to live at a decent price, helping American families find the solid foundation required for economic success

  • SUPPORT the End Hedge Fund Control of American Homes Act of 2023, increasing the housing supply by mandating that large private equity firms and hedge funds sell off all single-family homes over a 10-year period, and fully phase out such practice

  • SUPPORT the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act, expanding the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit to encourage investment in the development and maintenance of affordable housing

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