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Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

Reliable and safe public transportation and infrastructure builds sustainable communities for future generations. And if we want to achieve this goal, we need to make those investments now. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is doing a great deal to get that job done, but to build a better Maryland, we need to do more.

This means investing in accessible, reliable, and affordable public transit options to help connect Marylanders with opportunity. With housing and gas prices as expensive as they are, so many find themselves simply too far from job opportunities to find employment. Long transit times cut into their time on the job and with their families. Better transit options are the solution.

I know we can get to a future where every Marylander has access to affordable and clean public transportation that can get them to and from work in under an hour. This requires investing in expanded bus fleets, metro systems, and high-speed commuter rails.

The best part is that with these investments, we can create millions of jobs while making sure tax money is returned to taxpayers. Revitalizing Maryland’s transportation infrastructure is the key to building a more accessible, equitable, and sustainable future, and in Congress I will fight to accelerate that process.

In Congress, I will:

  • ADVOCATE to fully fund the Brunswick Line, so we finally have two-way, all-day, every-day MARC access from Brunswick to DC.

  • FIGHT to bring home money for infrastructure investments across the 6th Congressional District, including to alleviate transit congestion, support communities improve water infrastructure, and build-out new sorely needed community infrastructure projects.

  • COSPONSOR the National High Speed Rail Act, investing $205 billion to build a national high-speed rail network, create more than 2.6 million direct jobs over five years across the country, and make high-speed rail a competitive option against carbon-intensive modes of travel such as road and air travel

  • IMPLEMENT the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

  • COSPONSOR the Federal Infrastructure Bank Act of 2023, establishing a Federal Infrastructure Bank to provide equity investments, direct loans, and loan guarantees for the planning, design, construction, operation or maintenance of infrastructure projects in the United States, prioritizing projects in rural areas

  • COSPONSOR the Fueling Alternative Transportation with a Carbon Aviation Tax Act, raising the tax on private jet fueling to fund greater investment in public transit options in communities

  • COSPONSOR the School Infrastructure Modernization Act, allowing rehabilitation expenditures for outdated public school buildings to qualify for historic rehabilitation tax credits

  • COSPONSOR the Resilient Transit Act of 2023, providing federal grants for public transportation improvement projects that increase the resilience of public transportation systems to the impacts of climate change, such as sea level rise, flooding, wildfires, extreme weather events, and other natural disasters

  • COSPONSOR the Incentivizing Value Capture for Greener Transportation Act, making grants available to state and local governments to implement proposed value capture mechanisms that secure sustainable long-term funding for public infrastructure and transit development

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