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Standing With Unions

I’ve had the privilege of meeting union workers and organizers from Gaithersburg to Garrett County. As Delegate, I’ve been a champion for workers rights and union rights – sponsoring legislation to extend unemployment benefits to striking workers and ban captive audience meetings in Maryland. We know that collective bargaining is a critical component to creating a healthy economy and sustainable communities. The right to organize to advocate for safer working conditions, better wages, and higher benefits must be protected so that Maryland’s working families can thrive.

When elected, I will immediately Co-Sponsor the PRO Act, which gives unions a greater ability to advocate for their members and codify worker and union protections into law. I will support Davis Bacon (local prevailing) wage standards for construction projects that receive federal assistance. I will staunchly oppose Right to Work policies that undermine collective organizing, and will protect the right of contractors and subcontractors to form Community Workforce Agreements that benefit their members.

As a candidate for Delegate, I made earning the support of unions such as AFL-CIO, LiUNA, and MCEA a priority. I want to make it clear where I stands when it comes to workers’ rights and fair standards, so Maryland’s union members  know that they can trust me to always support them in Congress and at the picket line.

In Congress, I will:

  • WORK closely with our union partners here in our community to ensure they are getting fair labor contracts for federally funded projects.

  • SUPPORT the Restoring Overtime Pay Act, guaranteeing overtime eligibility for all workers making less than $51,000 per year

  • COSPONSOR the PRO Act, guaranteeing bargaining rights for employees who are misclassified as independent contractors, establishing a process for helping newly  organized workers achieve a first contract, ending “right to work” laws, and protecting the right to engage  in secondary picketing and to strike without being “permanently replaced,” i.e., fired.

  • PROTECT the Jones Act, allowing only U.S.-flagged, -built and -crewed ships to transport goods between U.S. ports

  • COSPONSOR the Tax Fairness for Workers Act, allowing an above-the-line tax deduction for union dues and expenses to ensure participation in collective organizing does not come at the cost of financial security for workers

  • SUPPORT the No Tax Breaks for Union Busting (NTBUB) Act, denying employers a tax deduction for any expenditures incurred for attempting to dissuade employees from organizing collectively or pursuing labor organization activities, such as elections, labor disputes, and collective actions

  • COSPONSOR the Rail Worker and Community Safety Act, enhancing safety requirements for trains to protect workers, passengers, cargo, and communities from harm

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