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‘Fresh Passion': Meet the First Gen Z Delegates Elected to Maryland's General Assembly

Two 25-year-old men are the first members of Gen Z to be elected to the Maryland General Assembly. Joe Vogel is an immigrant from Uruguay, and a political activist who grew up in Rockville. Vogel was elected Tuesday to the House of Delegates to represent Gaithersburg and Rockville. "I think we need a new generation to have a seat at the table, where the decisions are being made that are going to impact us for the rest of our lives. Whether it's climate change, gun violence, education, building a better economy. Vogel and Long are the first in their generation to hold office in the Maryland legislature, and part of a wave of GenZers elected to serve across the country. Vogel said many young people don’t think government is working for them. "They say, 'What’s the point of me getting involved? What's the point of me voting if nothing's gonna change. Well, we need to show people that democratic governance still works," he said. Darcy Spencer, NBC Washington


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